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State officials stripped Stuart Copperman of his medical license almost 20 years ago. Armed with a new law, his former patients hope to file civil lawsuits. Stuart Copperman in the s.

By Roni Caryn Rabin. Stuart Copperman was, to all appearances, an old-fashioned pediatrician. For 35 years, he ran a bustling practice in Merrick, Long Island, where he was revered by parents as an authority on everything from colic to chickenpox.

Well-dressed, affable and tan year-round, he was always available in an emergency, and even made house calls. When he told mothers that their daughters were old enough to see him alone — sex a parent in the room, so the girls could speak freely — they accepted it as sound medical practice. Girls who told their mothers that the pediatrician had rubbed their genitals or inserted his fingers into their vaginas were often met with disbelief.

Copperman started molesting her when she was 8, she said. The state Office of Professional Medical Conduct received a steady stream of sexual abuse complaints about Mr. Copperman for nearly two decades, but did not strip him of his medical license until December By then, he was 65 years sex and ready to retire. No criminal charges were ever filed.

Copperman, 84, declined to comment for this story but in the past has denied any wrongdoing. His exams were thorough, he has said, and performed in accordance with standard medical practice. But Ms. Ribaudo and about 50 other former patients now hope to sue him for monetary damages under a new law in New York State, the Child Victims Act. The law opened a one-year window, beginning in August, during which victims of childhood sex abuse may file civil lawsuits against abusers even decades after the crimes occurred.

Kristen Gibbons Feden, a lawyer who prosecuted Bill Cosby for sexual assault and is now with the firm Stradley Ronon in Philadelphia, has agreed to represent the women.

But even if they win in court, they are unlikely to reap significant compensation. Their dilemma highlights a major weakness in the new state law.

Though Mr. Copperman is by all indications wealthy, he was a solo practitioner who ran his practice out of his basement. He lacks the assets of an institution like the Boy Scouts or a 2000 hospital. Law firms that have eagerly taken on clients targeting such well-insured and deep-pocketed institutions — anticipating a healthy cut of any jury award or settlement — have shied away from cases against individuals like Mr. Most of the more than civil suits filed under the new law so far have targeted the Catholic Church.

But doctors in particular can be uniquely positioned to abuse young patients, as some notorious cases recently have shown. Larry Nassar, the team doctor at 2000. Gymnastics, was sentenced to up to years for sexually abusing gymnasts in his charge.

Earlier this year, Johnnie Barto, a pediatrician in Johnstown, Penn. Earl Bradley, a pediatrician in Lewes, Del. Scores of men are using the new law to seek damages from Rockefeller University Hospital over sexual 2000 allegedly committed by Dr. Reginald Archibald, who passed away in In Ohio, Gov. Mike DeWine 2000 urged legislators to review 25 years of sex abuse complaints made to the state medical board after finding it failed to take action against an Ohio State University physician, Dr.

Richard H. Strauss, 2000 evidence he had assaulted male students. Hamilton, chief executive of Child U. A lot of these guys got away with many years of abuse. Many see the new law as their last, best chance for justice. Copperman lives in Boca Raton, Fla. The stone gatehouse, 2000 24 hours a day, sits before a lush hole golf course.

On a recent summer day, Mr. Copperman told the guard there not to admit a reporter. Moving on has not been so easy for many of his former patients.

In interviews with about 20 of these women, many said they still cannot bear to be touched in 2000 ways, and have difficulties with both emotional and sexual intimacy. Others have struggled with mental health issues, including post-traumatic stress disorder, alcoholism, heroin addiction, eating disorders and agoraphobia. She said that during her annual physical, Mr. Copperman rubbed her genitals so hard that she almost cried.

For years, she was angry at her mother for not believing her when she said the sex hurt her. One woman said her mother slapped her when she described her appointment and accused her of lying to get attention. Another said her mother told her she was crazy and should see a therapist. Even resilient survivors said they still experience flashbacks. Some still avoid male physicians, are reluctant to leave their children with male relatives and panic when they take their children to the doctor.

Many said they had married and divorced abusive men sex spent thousands of dollars on therapy. She said the doctor abused her at every visit, starting when she was about Marcus said Mr.

After leaving Long Island for college, she said, she could not tolerate visiting her parents in her old childhood home. Many former patients felt violated by sex abuse and knew something was wrong, but were unable to articulate what was happening or convince an adult to believe them.

Terri Ackerman, 58, who still lives on Long Island, said that when she was 14, Mr. At hearings before the board during the summer and fall ofsix former patients who lodged complaints during the s described Mr.

The three-member panel sex Mr. The state finally revoked Mr. But it could have acted much earlier. Limmer-Salgado lodged a complaint with the state in ; she and another patient gave testimony in But the three-person panel — consisting of two physicians and a minister — voted two to one to dismiss their complaints.

The physicians did not believe the women. Copperman defended the examinations, citing American Academy of Pediatrics guidelines recommending an exam of the external genitalia as part of a routine physical. Copperman said in The cases underscore how difficult it can be for patients, and especially children, to identify sexual abuse in a medical setting, where patients are expected to disrobe and anticipate that doctors will touch them, occasionally in ways that feel uncomfortable or invasive.

The current trend in medical practice is to encourage adolescents to see a doctor without a parent in the room, so that they may raise issues too embarrassing to discuss otherwise, like sexual activity or drug use. InMr. The vast majority of pediatricians are certainly not in the profession to harm children, said Dr.

But Dr. Christian acknowledged that pedophiles may be drawn to jobs that provide access to children. In revoking Mr. Copperman had served as president of the local pediatric society, did not press criminal charges, and he never had to register as a sex offender. The women who had testified before the state medical board were already in their 30s. At that time, state laws gave them only until their 23rd birthday to press felony charges, and only until 20 to 2000 misdemeanor charges.

He said the office was not digitized then. After Mr. Copperman lost his license, 19 women came forward to file formal complaints of sexual abuse with the state. Finkelstein said all the cases were already past the statute of limitations. The new law is intended to remove some of the legal barriers to bringing civil and criminal charges against perpetrators of child sexual abuse. But critics say it does little to help put pedophiles behind bars, which would sex children most.

Though the law moves the statute of sex for pressing criminal charges for child sex abuse by five years, giving child victims until age 28 to press felony charges and until 25 to press misdemeanor charges, it can take decades for adults to come to 2000 with abuse they experienced as children. For this reason, many other states have altogether eliminated statutes of limitations for bringing criminal charges against perpetrators of child sex abuse, though the changes are not retroactive and only affect cases going forward, said Ms.

Hamilton of Child U. The women who want to sue Mr. Copperman at her annual physicals every year when she was a teenager. I want him to pay, sex necessarily monetarily — I want him to feel the shame that I felt. Roni Caryn Rabin is a science and health reporter at The Times. Reach her at roni. Now They Plan to Sue. Log In. Supported by. Published Oct. Years of consequences Mr.

The sex life of older adults - long ignored and little researched - is getting new attention in the face of some staggering statistics. According to the U. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, there were reported cases of syphilis in to year-olds in ; in , there were more than 2, In , there were 6, cases of chlamydia in this age group; the number ballooned to more than 19, by The researchers say it's hard to know just why STD rates are on the rise among older people, mostly because there's been so little research on the sex lives of older adults.

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