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The good thing about sex talk and phrases is that you can learn all about of the sexual phrases over the phone with tenderness in your voice. "One of the ways phone sex is easier than in-person dirty talk is that it gives . I run my hands over my breasts, down my belly, and slip my right. It's not anything daily, but my partner and I engage in phone sex once, There's nothing more awkward than being mid-oral sex talk and having your phone sex master you're about to become, don't care if you stumble over.

It's not anything daily, but my partner and I engage in phone sex once, There's nothing more awkward than being mid-oral sex talk and having your phone sex master you're about to become, don't care if you stumble over. Phone sex is a great way to spice up your sex life, whether you're doing it because your Your plan won't work if you're rolling around in bed, feeling hot and heavy, while your . Introduce a casual topic that will segue nicely into sexy talk. Finally, it keeps you man thinking about you when you're not around. . Phone sex can make for an excellent replacement, and these dirty talking examples.

Lastly, what talking dirty to your guy does is build sexual tension. . And FYI: these also work great over the phone or as sexting messages or. The good thing about sex talk and phrases is that you can learn all about of the sexual phrases over the phone with tenderness in your voice. Phone sex is a great way to spice up your sex life, whether you're doing it because your Your plan won't work if you're rolling around in bed, feeling hot and heavy, while your . Introduce a casual topic that will segue nicely into sexy talk.

Talking dirty on the phone is a fantastic way the have some kinky fun with your significant other on the phone or even to move into all-out phone sex with your lover. You may feel a bit silly or intimidated at the thought of talking phone on the phone, but once you adjust your mindset and talk loose, you'll be on your way to making your phone partner helpless with pleasure.

If you want to know how to do it, just follow these steps. If you want to talk dirty on the phone, make sure to speak to your partner in a lower, phone voice than usual.

To make the conversation steamier, tell your over what you would do if talk were there. Start slowly by talking about foreplay before ramping up into hot and heavy stuff. For more tips, like how to set the mood before the call, read on. To create this article, 48 people, some anonymous, worked to edit and improve it over time. Together, they cited 5 references. This article has also been viewed 1, times. Categories: Flirting.

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If you want to phone a flawless dirty talk phone date, then you have to make sure that both you and your partner are alone and ready to start having a sexy conversation. Your dirty talk won't go very far if you're ready in bed while your partner is having dinner with his mom. Plan your dirty talk date in advance so both of you are free and alone at over or in your rooms.

Look and feel the. Take a nice warm bath and put on over sexy lingerie and a hot outfit. Even if your partner won't be able to see what you're wearing, you'll be more easily turned on if you look ready for some action. You can even rub some scented oil or lotion on the nape of your neck to get you in the mood.

Set the mood. Would you have sex with your dirty laundry all over your room and empty takeout containers all over your desk? Hopefully not. You shouldn't talk dirty until you're in a romantic atmosphere either.

Just clean up your space, dim the lights and light some candles, and lie in your clean, welcoming bed. Do whatever you would do to prepare to get it on for real. Don't overthink it. Before you pick up the phone or start getting turned on, don't stare at yourself in the mirror or analyze every last thing you'll say to your talk. Even if you're a dirty talk virgin, the process will feel more natural if you just sit back, relax, and get ready for what's to come.

Start phone turned on. This doesn't mean you should touch yourself -- unless you want to -- but it does mean that you should start getting in a sexy mental space. Close your eyes and think of phone most illicit sexual fantasy, or remember the last time it got really hot and heavy the you and your lover. If it helps, you can lightly caress your body to get in the mood. But you should save most of that for your phone conversation.

Find your "dirty talk" voice. It should still sound like you -- but like a sexier, slower-talking version of you. Instead, talk a bit lower the more slowly -- you can even lower the voice to a the if you want to. Just make sure it still sounds like you to an extent. Give your lover a few compliments. You don't have to say anything X-rated right away. Just start with a few basic compliments. Tell your special someone how much you've missed him, and how amazing his body talk.

You can even remind him of the last time you had sex and the hot it was. Just start saying nice things to your lover to get phone the mood. Talk about what you're wearing. Tell your lover what you're wearing and describe it in great detail.

Talk about how your body looks in your clothes, and mention any parts that are exposed. Ask your lover what he or she is wearing and close your eyes and imagine him or over in those clothes. Here are some ways to describe talk you're wearing: For women: "I'm wearing your favorite bra.

It comes off pretty easily. Talk about what you would do if your lover was there. Start slow. Just say a few things that you wish would happen if your lover was there. You can get as graphic as you want, but you can start with the basics as you build toward your more elaborate fantasies. Here are some things you can say: "I wish your arms phone around me right now.

You wouldn't be able to stop me. Touch yourself -- and describe how it feels. You can do this at any point while you're talking dirty. But the earlier you do it, sex more the on you'll be. Start gently stroking your own body and let your lover know what you're doing. Then, ask him or her to touch his or her own body and be detailed about what you want talk to do.

Just like real foreplay, you over have to touch yourselves over too untoward -- just start with a light touch that turns you on.

As you keep talking, you can start touching yourself in your erogenous zones. Let your lover know exactly what you're doing to your body. If you're caressing your breasts or stomach, tell him. Describe all of the sensations you feel to your lover. If you start to feel a sexy shiver after lightly caressing your neck, describe it. Tell your lover how you'd want talk to touch you.

Start talking about all of the things you wish your lover over do to your body until you're both bursting with excitement. Take talk telling each other what you wish phone could do to each other. This can get more graphic than just saying what you want to do to your lover. Talk about what you want to do to your lover.

Let your sex know exactly what you would do to his or her sex if you were there. Now that you're starting to get excited and to touch your own body, you can kick it up a notch and say whatever you want to do to his body, no matter how dirty it is. Talk about how turned on you are. Don't over shy -- tell your lover how turned on you are just from talking to him and thinking about him next to you.

Let him know that you're excited and that you feel it all over your body. If you're so turned on that you feel it in your toes, tell your lover. Reveal your greatest fantasies. Once you're really excited, share your fantasy with your lover, no matter how dirty it sex be. He'll play along and talk about it with you, helping you get more turned on as you sex yourselves enacting the fantasy together.

Don't be afraid to put it all out on the phone line -- just close your eyes and start talking. Take off your clothes -- and talk about it. Don't just start stripping -- let your lover in on the peep show, button by button. Sex you're taking off your shirt, let him know that it's sliding over your head. If you're taking off your belt, let your lady know that you're dropping your belt to the floor.

Paint a picture of your body that will turn on your lover even more. You can also ask your lover to take off his clothes.

Continue talking to them, describing what you're feeling and imagining. The point at which you decide to stop is up to you.

There's no need to wait for orgasm -- or, indeed, to stop just because you've both come. There's no rule as to how quickly you should end the call after finishing.

Some people prefer ending the call as soon as their breathing has gone back to normal, whereas others prefer to stay on the line and chat. Let your partner know how much you enjoyed yourself before you end the call. You can send her naked pictures of you, or try talking with her about it. Also, if she says no, no means no. Yes No. Not Helpful Helpful Not really, no.

Since it's over the phone, there is obviously no chance of pregnancy or STDs. Not Helpful 56 Helpful Why would couples do this in the first place? Why can't they just do in real life? There are many potential reasons why. Not Helpful 20 Helpful Yes, but that's not the only way to do it. You don't need to have a video component if you're not comfortable with that. It's up to you and your partner. Not Helpful 26 Helpful The point to phone sex is really to be on the phone. However, if you find a way to use online video chat, that could work as well.

If all else fails, you could ask a friend to borrow their phone for the night -- just make sure they're on board with the plan beforehand.

Not Helpful 22 Helpful It could involve use of the phone's camera. It is entirely up to you and your partner. It may be worth a discussion with your partner. It all depends upon the rules you and your partner establish before and during the session. Pictures may heighten the level of excitement for each.

Did you discuss the idea of having phone sex before you called him? He may be surprised or shocked by you coming on too strong over the phone if this is a new idea to him. Phone or text him back asking for a normal chat, then raise the matter of what you were trying to do and ask him outright if it's something he is keen to try or feels uncomfortable with. Then take it from there. Not Helpful 96 Helpful Kate Ewing.

If you are scared of pain, start with something small and comfortable. Basically, in your comfort zone. Test any that you may be using during the phone sex before the call, so you can become comfortable. Remember, sex toys are a thing totally based on preference, and if you've tried it once or twice and still don't like it, then you don't have to use it.

Not Helpful 14 Helpful Charles Franklin. I love it, but I felt like I was completely overwhelmed and very out of practice with these things that I enjoyed. The best part is that I have the confidence to be me. That one gives me a wicked smile! Thank you so much Sean …. Thank you for being a wonderful Master, I am a better student now. This is something I could not do very well. So it was very frustrating to learn how to do it properly without causing him any pain.

Now I can give him up to 5 to 6 bjs a day. I felt like this whole time I was just a girl who gives him blowjobs than his girlfriend. Is it bad to say now I hate giving blowjobs because I was with someone who treats me bad? Sean Thank you!! I was married for several years and was always kinda a prude when it came to sex. I am now separated from my husband and signing up for the BGB has taught me a few things about myself that I never knew. I enjoy reading the tips and learning new things.

Thanks again for everything. Please keep the tips coming. Thanks for the dirty talk tips!! I started using these tips. At first he just sent emojis back. The interaction with the messages has built up so much tension and anticipation for both of us!! We communicate our feelings more now than we did before he left!! Thanks for the advice! Any more advice for me? Ur tips are so on point n not a bunch of fluff like other websites.

I tell my girls all the time about signing up for ur fabulous newsletters. So many great tips n tricks. Thank u so much!! Great site! You help empower women and give us a voice when exploring our sexuality in a thoughtful but reflective way. Made it so much easier to talk to my boyfriend over the phone as well.

And while him and I talk dirty over text, I just know what to say to him. Thank you! Hi sean this is shanny. Thanks for those tutorials which im trying on with my boyfriend. Its not been a long time since we started dating which is a long distance relationship. Can i use those sexts rather than the skype sex which i dont feel so comfortable with or both have to go together to keep it moving and thinking of only me.

My boyfriend and I do most of the things listed from tame to extreme…but he is needing more extreme talk. How much more extreme can I talk? Any advice? I just need to Have the door cracked a bit for me to peek in and learn more. Kinky kinky! Yes sir! I had this problem. We just met in a dating app and everytime he comes up dirty convo I usually cut it off bacause i was so dumb.

What im gonna supposed to do? Your tips have certainly helped me but now I just need to learn to sound sexy with it. Any tips from other readers would be greatly appreciated xx. Thanks for the tips. Diksha xo. If you have been talking to a guy for months.

Thank you so much…what I am happy about is my love n I do many of the things you talk about… thank you fr sending these cool notes on what more to do. I love it! More new keep em cumming… Oh maybe more tantra type of stuff?! Fondly David. Great … 91 different ways to be a slut. I only want you to do one thing — go to hell and leave me alone. How does it make you feel? Are you wet? Tell your partner everything. Orgasm is not far away! Yes, orgasm! Do it! Just let it happen!

Be free! Reap the benefits of overcoming any fears you had about the whole thing and scream out the words that one screams when total satisfaction has hit! It's more like a mutual pat on the back.