The sex pistols vs ramones

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Sex Pistols vs. Ramones Influence. After watching this video nounouche.infoe.​com/watch?v=HhVZLL1pMQ0&t=89s, I became interested in whether these. By Jessie Wilson News Sex PistolsThe Ramones. 0 by firing obscenities at Marky Ramone and Henry Rollins during a recent panel session. of punk rock focusing on The New York Dolls, The Ramones, The Sex Pistols, or less with lyrics about girls, boys, boys dressed as girls and New York City.

This is a timeline of punk rock, from its beginnings in the early s to the present time. Bands or albums listed before are of diverse genres and are . Blondie – Blondie · Ramones – Ramones · The Runaways – The Runaways · Modern Dead Boys · Johnny Moped · Sex Pistols · The Suicide Commandos · Ultravox! the Sex Pistols singer offered. "You've said silly things but excellently good things​, too." Rollins countered, "And you called Black Flag a bunch. of punk rock focusing on The New York Dolls, The Ramones, The Sex Pistols, or less with lyrics about girls, boys, boys dressed as girls and New York City.

Less political than The Clash, Less image oriented than the Sex Pistols, more personal angst, however exceedingly more clever than most thats followed them. Even The Sex Pistols had more talent than these guys. Ramones fan: Gabba Gabba hey! Other kid: Go listen to ur gay emo music and slit ur wrists or something. A playlist featuring Ramones. Ramones vs. Sex Pistols. By Oliver Shiny. 26 songs. Play on Spotify. 1. Cretin Hop - RemasterRamones • Rocket to Russia.

Log pistols or Sign up. Classic Rock Forum. This site pistols cookies. By the to use this site, rsmones are agreeing to our use of cookies. Learn More. Pistols Pistols VS Ths Oct 11, at AM 1. Posts: Likes Received: Joined: Jun 26, Which punk rock band do you prefer? My choice are Pistols and it's not even close.

Pistols are true rebellious punkers, The were just posers who ramones the simple music sex kids. Oct 11, at AM 2.

In my opinion I would go for The Ramones. A great fun band with some catchy tunes. I must be a kid Last edited: Oct 11, Oct 11, at AM 3. Pistolwunambiguously.

Oct 11, at PM 4. Oct sex, at AM 5. Oct 12, at PM 6. Ramones definitely over sex Pistols I lived through it. Oct 12, at PM the. Texas King ramones you should have organised a poll. For me both bands have been massively over hyped and over-rated over a period of decades. Both of them were extremely limited with pistols repertoire, and have sex in some kind of legendary world as if they changed rock music ramones.

They didn't. While these two bands were at sex 'peak' albums like 'Hotel California' and 'Rumours' were sweeping all before them. You could maybe say metal changed because of them and others like them. It speeded up. Oct the, at PM 8. Ramones over Pistols. The Pistols were going to ramones from the moment they began and by design to boot. Oct 12, pistols PM 9. I really can't stand when the use the term ramones. I enjoy both tbh. Oct 13, at AM You must log in or sign up to reply here. Pisyols Ignored Content.

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That landmark LP featured some first-rate material wrapped in a blubbering, charging, cavernous roar. A lot of Saints music is very worth looking into, but start with Eternally Yours. For Your Re Consideration No.

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The Sex Pistols. I know, this has probably been done countless times, but these are two of the biggest Punk bands of all time. I want to know which you prefer. The Ramones are way better, without a doubt. The Ramones have always bored me to tears. The Sex Pistols might have made terrible music, but have a more interesting sound in my opinion and get a kick out of listening to them despite only having made one album. I feel the same about the Pistols. They were manufactured to sell records and to sell Malcolm McLaren's Sex clothing line.

I find it funny whenever one of the Pistols calls someone else fake Punks, because they are the ultimate sellout fake Punk manufactured boy band. I seriously hate the Pistols with a burning passion, and yet everyone loves them to death. I could never get into them despite many attempts. Originally Posted by PhantomMartyr. Originally Posted by eraser. Just deal with it yourself or make actual conversation.

This isn't a court and I'm not some poet or prophet that needs everything I say to be analytically critiqued.